C. Jim Jesudoss

Executive Director  of Sakthi Vidiyal, State Convenor of  Federation of Children's Movement for Right to Participation 

Warm greetings and hearty congratulations to you all from the Sakthi – Vidiyal family!

It gives me great pleasure sending this letter of appreciation for your great achievement that you have been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for promoting Children’s participation. It is not a surprise to me because I know how much hard work you have put in promoting child participation not only in India but also around the world in many countries. I am pretty sure that CWC deserves this recognition and I take this opportunity to wish everyone in the team a thunderous CONGRATULATION!

I am personally very much attached to CWC and in the development sector it is almost a second home to me. Whenever I have visited CWC, I used to feel at home and the warmth of CWC team is astounding.  I have learnt a lot from CWC and grew with a strong understanding about the concept of Child Participation in the development sector. The memories of the Dhruva ( even before the name was given) training in Kundapur in 1997 is still afresh in my mind.  That laid the strong foundation in me about Child Participation. The evolution of Vidiyal Child Rights Movement, a child led organization facilitated by Sakthi – Vidiyal, was made possible only through the interactions and interventions of CWC and Bhima Sangha. 

Today Vidiyal Child Rights Movement stands as a strong children movement in Tamilnadu and it is a founding member of the state wide network called Federation of Children’s Movements for Right to Participation. I honestly tell people that CWC’s association and guidance have lifted us to the state arena and further to the national discourses on child participation. I am very much appreciated for telling the story “Bird in the Cage” wherever I go. This story is well received by the Tamil audience which is going on a second edition now.  When I got this news I felt it as my victory which is a testimony to CWC’s inclusiveness. Even today I have the freedom of calling any of our friends in CWC for support and clarification. I can go to the extent of saying that CWC not only breathes Child Participation but it is so much embedded in the senses of its team members. I am extremely proud for being associated with CWC and for being a contemporary to its existence.

Our special thanks to the children of Bhima Sangha for their effective modeling in practicing participation. The courage of the Bhima Sangha children have been a source of inspiration in our work among children from socially excluded communities including street children. Manju, Parvathi, Aimma, Manjula, Suresh, Rejeswari, Govind and so many other children have brought so much of inspiration over the period of past 16 years in our journey. Our children from Vidiyal Child Rights Movement join me sending their reverberating wishes to you.  Chandran and Ranjith send their best wishes to every one of you.

I can go on stating so many instances where CWC has been a closest companion to our work in promoting child participation, but I think it’s time to post this letter which has been waiting for so long. But I will always be a living testimony to CWC’s work among children. Once again we congratulate you for your great achievement. The entire Vidiyal family joins me in sending their best wishes to you.  I am pretty sure this will take CWC to further corners and the horizon will be widened to reach many more children in the world.

We shall look forward to joining hands with you in the future endeavors.