Brian Milne - freelance social anthropologist working as research consultant specialising in work with children/childhood, United Kingdom

I have known the Concerned for Working Children for many years. When I heard of the nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize by the Norwegian Parliamentary Committee I must say how much it touched me emotionally. I thought of not only CWC but all of the other organisations whose child and adult members and activists worldwide of which this one organisation is but a part. However, as ever in this world and especially when we are looking at such things as the Nobel Peace Prize there must always be individuals and organisations set aside as representative recipients of such accolades. As I know CWC, they will never hold back from adding the same sentiment that this is for the world’s children. This is, of course, only nomination. That is a major achievement in itself. Should the actual Peace Prize go to CWC then it will raise the banner of the cause for all children that much higher than ever before and, at least, I hope inject us with renewed vigour for the many years and struggles still before us all to get a world that is truly fit for children.

CWC and all others now supporting and endorsing this nomination my heart and soul are with you all the way. See related blog post

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