Mallikarjuna Konduri  - Executive Creative Director at Apparatus Media Lab, India

I am just quietly gloating over the nomination with pride. When I heard of it, I could not believe it, having believed it; I know it is fully deserved. You have worked hard and with true dedication, you have pursued your vision despite cynicism and casual acceptance of the status quo, you have sustained your spirit through successes, you have kept your optimism through failures, and most importantly, you made a difference to those who needed the most. For this, the entire CWC team deserve the kudos.

Whether you can make it to the Prize or not is not in your hands. Being nominated is in itself a huge honour by those who recognize the importance of the work you have been doing. I hope and pray that despite the many obstacles that still remain in your way; you can touch the finish line.

Lips grinning, heart singing, fingers crossed. 
My heartfelt congratulations to ALL of you at CWC.

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