Fabio Cattaneo - President  Association Little Hands, Italy
We thank you very much for informing us of this marvelous recognition of all your tireless work in support of working children's right to participate directly and actively in the defense of their quality of life, their own opinions and their rights from their point of view.

We CONGRATULATE you from the bottom of our hearts and share in your joy at this unexpected but well-deserved event!!

We also share your observation regarding just how much more has to be done on all levels for "children's democratic participation and their right to determine the course of their lives - the present and future - by transforming the past and making choices" to be recognized as central, and not limited to the "cumpulsion" to participate in services provided by adults (who still seem to know better!).

This is, however a very important symbolic step forward, that shines a light on an often willfully neglected issue.

With deep gratitude, in celebration and continued solidarity.

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